samedi 30 mai 2009

Dear Spiderman...

I TOTALLY MISS YOU ... this is all I have to say.
( By the way; you're always so mysterious! ... "Allo!")

mercredi 27 mai 2009

May 27th 2009 : Happy Wedding Anniversary!

"May you always be warmed by each other's smile,
Always take time to walk and talk a while,
Always know deep down you're each other's best friend,
And enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end.
Wishing you an 'always' kind of love!"

Enjoy your special day and have a great time in Montreal! I really can't wait to see you again!


lundi 25 mai 2009

I thought I was cured...

And then, a "what the hell is that" moment at 3h33 hit me right in the face ...Oh God!

I have lot of imagination and there are a lot of things Going on in my head ...
I think there's something wrong with me. Sometimes my head is going so fast that my body can't follow or it's like a Big Giant and noisy Carnival in my head! And other times it's going in slow motion! I don't get it... What the Hell is happening!

Ralph Lauren : Quelle Élégance!

"You have a better life if you wear impressive clothes." Vivienne Westwood.

Now I understand why my life isn't so good... I don't own impressive clothes Like that!!!

dimanche 24 mai 2009

Stop worrying about things that don't matter...

Une lettre sur papier jaune, de Nat Hentoff à Charles Mingus

... la raison qu'a un homme de continuer à vivre, c'est que même s'il vivait des milliers d'années, il n'accomplirait jamais toutes ses responsabilité, il ne communiquerait ni ne créerait jamais tout ce dont il est capable. Le temps dont il dispose, il doit donc en profiter pour créer à l'intention du futur. Il ne doit utiliser le passé que comme une aide au futur et non comme une pierre sur laquelle aiguiser le sentiment de culpabilité et les craintes qui l'inhibe au plus profond de son être. Ou comme le disait la fin d'un d'un chant syndicaliste que j'aimais beaucoup quand j'étais petit : ne le prends pas au sérieux, mais prends-le quand même.


Kate Moss Drawing

Vanessa Paradis

Coco Rocha Drawing

samedi 23 mai 2009

Le Joker

Portrait Type De La Méchanceté

vendredi 22 mai 2009

The Courteeners

Can't stop listening to this song... That I used to hate! & I Love Liam Fray!!!!


One of my favorite pair of shoes. But they are not comfortable at all!!!!


Un Peu D'air Sur Terre...

Heroes / Mohinder Suresh Drawing

Drawing of the Painting no.7 : Man With a Smoking Gun. Mohinder?

Be Thankful...

Thank God for pens & sketchbooks & tv shows & hot tea & cakes & chips & Good Coffee$ Sisters!