mercredi 30 juin 2010

The Bow Tie

Le noeud papillon est né chez les mercenaires croates pendant la guerre de Trente ans ( 1618/1648). Ils utilisaient un petit morceau de tissu, qu'ils attachaient autour de leur cou pour fermer l'encolure de leur chemise. Il fût ensuite adopté par les classes supérieures en France, puis est devenu un populaire accessoire de mode.




"There’s no doubt about it – bow ties are in!"

samedi 26 juin 2010

Dominic Monaghan

J'aime tellement plus Dominic Monaghan en tant que Simon Campos dans Flash Forward, qu'en tant que Charlie dans Lost! Oh, et son accent... British! Wow! Ça et l'accent Français... ça tue! J'adore :)

jeudi 24 juin 2010

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon

Official Outfitter of Wimbledon.
Ralph Lauren is proud to be the official outfitter of Wimbledon

Wimbledon driving cap : $69.50 / Fine slim custum-fin Gingham Shirt : $125 /
Nautical Flags Silk Tie : $ 115 / Cashmere Cable V-Neck : $ 398

Now just watch this video... It is just so perfect!

mardi 22 juin 2010

Oh My!

Coincidentally, he was wearing a plaid shorts and a polo. God! He was kind of Preppy!

lundi 21 juin 2010

June 21th ; First day of summer was GREAT!

Those few minutes spent with Mr.T and Mr.R totally made my day. Or maybe my week, or ...
It was just awesome.

mercredi 16 juin 2010

This is for You.

Yes...You! Who is reading this message. You are absolutly breath taking!
I'm really in human anatomy these days... really inspiring!!!
Oh gosh! You are REALLY breath taking!!
(Yeah, I'm talking about you!)

I can see your capillary veins.

After that there is no much else I can do.

mardi 1 juin 2010

Lagerfeld Confidential

“ The best things I’ve ever done have come from dreams." Karl Lagerfeld

(Lucky you Mr Lagerfeld! I'm in lack of inspiration... wish I could draw great things I see in dreams!!)

Lagerfeld watercolor

And... this is what I use to draw : watercolor, Hb pencil, Black little faber castel pencil, and , of course, my laptop for music... This time I was listening " In the summertime" by Mungo Jerry on repeat for hours! haha!