mardi 31 août 2010

You are great, you are awesome!

I discovered this video a long time ago... Maybe it was on december of last year. It's a funny video that always make me smile. So watch it and smile! :)

lundi 30 août 2010

dimanche 29 août 2010

Discovering a new artist!

I just discovered Sophie Madeleine on a lovely blog --­­» http://ilikeclovermost.blogspot.com/ and I LOVE her!

Here's a very cute song called " You are my favorite". ENJOY!

mercredi 25 août 2010

Batman tananananana Batmaaaaaaan!!!

Chinesse ink testing. Les taches un peu partout sont volontaires... kind of.

Hanging Words

I found this idea on a crafty blog. I can't remember which blog it was... But it's probably on http://www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com/ , http://www.pikaland.com/, or http://www.poppytalk.blogspot.com/ ! Three blogs I absolutely adore! specially meetmeatmikes!

So here's some of my hanging words.


lundi 16 août 2010

Reinventing Superman

"Si tu travailles dur,
avec détermination et persévérance,
tu peux devenir tout ce que tu veux."
Original superman from the big book I found at the library.

Those ones are not really good, but i'll probably try something with my Bamboo...

I kinda love this one, but I have to rework his face. There's something wrong with it...

mercredi 11 août 2010

I found some inspiration!!

Look at the few books I found at the library! A bunch of drawings are comming! :)

mardi 10 août 2010

Remember those shoes?

Oh my! The Adidas Stan Smith!! It was the coolest shoes when I was young!
This model was named after the American tennis player Stan Smith. Did you know that?!
I didn't... but now I do and you do too! :)

jeudi 5 août 2010


"Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are..."