lundi 28 décembre 2009

Jake is the new bachelor!!!!

I just saw at E.T that Mr. Jake Pavelka is going to be the next bachelor!!!
Gosh! I should have done the casting!!!
He's just too georgous!

Joaquin Phoenix !

Okay I'm totally in love with Joaquin Phoenix. I decided to watch "walk the line" the movie , today ( for the hundred time... or maybe the thousand time?) , and I fell in love with him (Again!). Now i'm totally addicted!

So here's some of my favorite parts...

Il est totalement, absolument, merveilleusement Magnifique!!!!!!!!
C'est l'homme de ma vie! Wow! I love him more than ever!!!

Wow!!!! À 1:05 il est Magnifique! à 1:06 aussi... de même qu'à 1:07 et 08 et... enfin, il est tout le temps magnifique! :)

Drawings of the day!

Try to be inspired

Private Practice in comic

mercredi 23 décembre 2009

mardi 22 décembre 2009

Answer theses questions

*a special talent :I can draw? is it special...

*a secret nobody knows: If I tell you it won't be a secret anymore!!!

*a personality trait you find attractive: kindness, intelligence, sens of humor, politeness.

*a personality trait you find unattractive: judgemental type, impoliteness.

*a song that melts you : The fear you won't fall by Joshua Radin

*the biggest truth you have learned this year : That you need to Dare and If you want something you need to fight for it ...and that life is unfair, and being nice don't lead anywhere.

*an item you are currently coveting: A laptop to put all of my drawings in it and to plug my bamboo.

*what gives you peace : Drawing + music

*what perfume are you currently wearing: Givenchy - ange ou demon

*do you dream much? : yes and it makes few days I dream about my old school... it's weird.
Maybe I miss it... maybe I don't. I don't know.

*what word(s) do you tend to say too much : I'm tired

*in highschool, what kind or teen were you? : the quiet one I think... I don't really know.

*describe yourself in 5 words: Nice (of course! haha), understanding, some kind of daring (this time) , creative, generous, polite, solitary, bad mood "sometime". It's more than 5... oups!

*a weird quirk: The way I dress, can really affect my mood ~ for the better or for the worse.

*favorite thing to wear?: My Ralph Lauren polo, my Ralph Lauren Blazer, Kenza's skinny jeans :) and my Ralph Lauren Boots... ( okay okay, I admit... I love Ralph Lauren!:)

This is it... you can answer theses question too, if you want :) it'll be nice!

Do You Realize?

"Do You Realize - that everyone you know someday will die . And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them knowYou realize that life goes fast. It's hard to make the good things last..."
While listening " The Flaming Lips" Thinking about the lyrics ... feeling sad and depressed.
(But Gosh, it feels good to draw!!!!! :)

mercredi 16 décembre 2009

Fendi fall 2009

Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.

dimanche 13 décembre 2009

Today, I met santa. A man came at my job. he stayed there for a while, looking everywhere and singing christmas carols. When he was ready to pay, I told him: " wow! that's a lot of chocolate! you have a lot of people to treat!" "he said, I love making people happy" I said: " that's nice of you" The he asked me if I like chocolate. And I said of course, the dark one are the best!" Then he add a little dark chocolate box. I thought (" gosh, it's going to be expensive...") everything that he bought cost a hundred bucks! Then i said, thanks, have a good day !" and he gave me this little dark chocolate box and said: "merry christmas!!"I didn't know what to say... I was like :" no way, I can accept this..." (The chocolate box cost 12.99$ for only four little chocolates) Then he said: " there something you don't know about me...I am santa claus!" then he left... I looked back... and he dissapeared!
Was he really Santa?

mardi 8 décembre 2009

No Movie

J'étais supposées aller voir le film " Where the wild things are" , mais encore une fois, ça tombe à l'eau... Je crois que je vais lire le livre en attendant qu'il sorte en dvd. Et je m'amuse à faire des gribouillis...

lundi 7 décembre 2009

Merry Christmas from Ralph Lauren Rugby 2009

C'est fou ce que je les envie. Ils ont l'air si parfait, si riche et tellement classe à part.

mardi 1 décembre 2009

For Christmas I Want...

Dashboard Confessional New Album!!!!


Self-portrait form a picture of myself in Portland

lundi 23 novembre 2009

WhErE tHe WiLd tHiNgS ArE

Eiffel Tower

Here's my second embroidery and it was very long to do!!

vendredi 20 novembre 2009

What I Wore on Nov. 18th 09 (Sick!!!)

One drawing in 5 days of sickness, Whouhouu

jeudi 19 novembre 2009


Can't stay at the computer too long ,cause it hurts my head, Can't draw, cause i'm too tired, can't eat , cause I have no appetite... CAN'T do anything cause i'm SICK!! I hope I'll feel better soon, cause right now I feel like crap!

mercredi 11 novembre 2009

First embroidery!!!

Here's my first embroidery... Sac à main Hermes Birkin Bien sûr!

It is what it is.

Old and quick drawing made in my pastry class... I think it was on Febuary 2009.

mardi 10 novembre 2009

Nine West

Watercolor drawing of a Nine West Advertisement in ELLE Magazine.

dimanche 8 novembre 2009

What I wore on November 8th 2009

This is what I wore this sunday at work... I was very very tired but I survived listening Johnny Cash and just keeping in mind the idea of my 3 days off , a lot of drawings, and mimi who's coming monday! yeah! Congé!!!!

jeudi 5 novembre 2009

mercredi 28 octobre 2009

Little note book

Here the famous little note book my little sister asked me to do (few months ago...) and I finally made it! It's a kind of diet book, or a register of things she eats. I don't understand why she needs it, cause she's damn perfect!!!!!!

La cambrioleuse en Galliano

La cambrioleuse en Jimmy Choo est prête à tout pour se procurer les derniers vêtements, souliers et accessoires Chloé et Chanel de Mr. Karl Lagerfeld (avant tout le monde bien sûr!). Alors, rusée comme elle est, elle se déguisa en Mr John Galliano. Couronne extravagante et moustache sont de mises! Ils n'y verront que du feu, se dit-elle! Elle est maintenant prête à rencontrer Mr.Lagerfeld et à assister au Runway... pour ensuite tenter de cambrioler tout ce qu'elle peut avec son sac de cambriole très très subtil...

mardi 27 octobre 2009

I love lists...

Wish I was smarter...
I used to know all the capitals in the world. But now, i'm loosing it... so I need to keep studying!
Alegeria; Alger / Burkina Faso ; Wagadougou / Madagascar ; Antananarivo /Iceland ; Reykjavik / Germany ; Berlin ... and I think there are like 192 independent countries in the world... and I'm learning the list of the 44 presidents of the united states and the list of the Member States of the European Union (it's going to be easy for the european union...there are only 28 countries! haha!)

lundi 26 octobre 2009

Hold On There's a hole in my heart

Making Drawings based on songs i'm listening to...

vendredi 23 octobre 2009

What is your wish for today?

By The End Of Today, What Would You Wish To Happen?

jeudi 22 octobre 2009

Notting Better...

Drawing made while listening The Postal Service. Gosh I love them.
Je tiens aussi à spécifier que ce dessin ne concerne en rien une personne en particulier... Juste d'y penser , c'est trop marrant!!!

This is not Mr.R

It's just a grey hair man with a grey beard in Ralph Lauren.

Joaquin Phoenix my lover! :)

Oh Gosh I love Joaquin Phoenix!!! Walk the line is the best movie ever... and it burns burns burns...

mercredi 21 octobre 2009

mardi 20 octobre 2009

What a boring evening.

That's all I have to say... on this evening of october 20th 2009

lundi 19 octobre 2009

À la conquête de miu miu

Ce fut une dure journée de labeur pour la cambrioleuse en Jimmy Choo qui parcourue les plus belles boutiques Miu Miu de Paris, Rome, Londres, Zurich et Berlin. Mais croyez-moi... cette virée de cambriolage en vallait grandement la peine! Elle doit maintenant retourner icognito, chez elle, dans sa petite caverne secret, perdue au fin fond de la ville de Québec où jamais rien ne se passe et où jamais personne ne la découvrira! haha! Ce qu'elle est futée!!

dimanche 18 octobre 2009

Les aventures de la cambrioleuse en Jimmy Choo

Prada, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Chloé, Miu Miu rien ne lui échappe. La cambrioleuse parcourt le monde entier en Jimmy Choo pour récolter les plus belles créations! Prenez garde, peut-etre la verrez vous prochainement sur un Runway.

Cambriolage at Tiffany's

Suivez les grandes aventures de la cambrioleuse en Jimmy Choo!

vendredi 16 octobre 2009


Making my christmas cards...and looking who deserve one :)

mercredi 14 octobre 2009

Percussion Gun

What I wore today on Oct 14th 2009

I went to The Bay today, and I was looking for my Givenchy Parfume. And the lady who works in the parfume department was SO staring at my boots!!! I asked her for the Givenchy... she told me : " I really like your equestrian style!" I said: " Oh thank you! These are Ralph Lauren boots! " (I was so proud! haha!!!)

mardi 13 octobre 2009

The fear you won't fall

Hawww Ralph & Tommy!!

Hey mimi! Here's some pictures of my new Tommy Hi. handbag (I thought of you when I saw it!) and my new Ralph Lauren sweater!
Tommy Handbag

My lovely Ralph Lauren sweater (Look at my face! I'm so happy!!:)

Oh wow! My new shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And my RL Boots!!!!

Gosh I'm in love with Mr.Ralph!!!

Back in 1975

Drawing of my papa in 1975 for his birthday card...
Love you papouchka.