mardi 12 janvier 2010

Welcome to Paul's food center

Paul's food center, 585 Congress Street,Portland, ME

Oh this lovely Paul's food center! I've been there once and never came back. I was looking for this place on the net, just for fun, and look what I found. It's a review of paul's. So funny and so true!! Hahaha!!!!
Oh, Paul's, what to say about your one-of-a-kind food center.I lovingly refer to this place as "Paul's Super-Food" and I'm here usually once to twice a week.The clientelle make up the "super" part of Paul's because the food certainly doesn't.They are a bit sketchy, but their seltzer water is reasonably priced. There have been numerous times I've bought cereal/oatmeal/pasta/something else, and have gotten home only to realize it's like, 3 months past the expiration date - so make sure you check before you leave.They have these three separate bottles of malt liquor called "Zap" "Zonk" and "Zoom" - maybe that's always worth the "Super" description.The cashiers are all either mute or somewhat nice, but none of them go above and beyond to be friendly, well, except one guy with long fingernails.This like like a townie place for groceries.One time, my boyfriend got stuck in an aisle between those two people who ride around Portland in their wheelchairs that look like the pope-mobile. It was a dangerous and frightening situation, much like shopping at Paul's.

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