lundi 21 juin 2010

June 21th ; First day of summer was GREAT!

Those few minutes spent with Mr.T and Mr.R totally made my day. Or maybe my week, or ...
It was just awesome.

5 commentaires:

matthieu a dit...

hum... qui sont-ils? :P

Karima Illustration a dit...

Mr.T is one of my pastry teacher and he's sooooo awesome! The best of the best!! And Mr.R is... euh another teacher in something else and he's pretty... nice!

Alors tu vois le topo! Mais tu ne peux pas comprendre la merveilleuse journée que j'ai passé! hey hey!

matthieu a dit...

ah d'accord
Mais je suis bien content pour toi alors ;)

Special-K a dit...

HAHAHAHA eee are you aware that Mr.T reads your blog???

hahahhahahahaha hummm ... it's interesting... it makes me wonder... haha
tu es trop mystérieuse avec ta soeur ..

Karima Illustration a dit...

I'm not saying anything special. What do you imagine? And I don't think Mr.T reads my blog these days.