mardi 24 janvier 2012


Listening to a bunch of vinyls, trying to find inspiration!!! I've been really into Bob Dylan lately so I started a new drawing like you can see down there, but I don't feel too comfortable putting stuff other than fashion here, cause for a while, that was all I've been drawing. Not that I don't like to do models, and fashion anymore, I do, I really do! But it's just like I feel, or, I need to do something else. So, would you be okay with that?

PS: I NEED to discover new bands! Anyone knows good indie-folk-rock bands, like: Mumford and sons ( my favourite <3 ) , The avett Brothers, Fleet Foxes, or anyband with great banjo! :) Even if it's not indie-folk... feel free to leave me suggestions! :)

3 commentaires:

GraceGoodtimes a dit...

Well i don#t know if they are a indie folk band like M&S ( i love them too) but they are good !
Keane - Crystall ball

another band that i like is a duo called

BOY - little numbers

even if they are not what you wanted ;) enjoy them

Carl Presseault a dit...


J'espères que tu va aimer. Peut être que tu connais déjà, qui sait.

Bien sur ce n'est pas folk. Mis à part Mumford & Sons et Flogging Molly, ma connaissance est limité sur le sujet.

Oh, et pour juste vivre et ne rien faire, Mimicking Birds bien sur!

Karima Illustration a dit...

Je ne connaissais pas mimicking birds! J'adore!!!!!!! :) merci de m'avoir fait découvrir ce groupe la aussi!!