jeudi 3 mai 2012


Lara Stone Birthday Card  that I made for my former pastry teacher.

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zwillingsgeflüster a dit...

Oh I love it!!
I have a new blog about illustrations and stuff like this, maybe you want to visit:
www.kiasue.de :)

Joanna Baker a dit...

Beautiful! Custom illustrations make great gifts =)


Anonyme a dit...

heyy amazinggg illustrations you should draw some rosie huntington and candice swanepoel maybe love your work support you 100%

Karima Illustration a dit...

Thank you sweety! :D

Cliff Tuna a dit...

Hello there!

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PS: OHMYGAWD Seriously you're absolutely talented. You are amazing, please keep going alright?! :D

Yoshimi Uchi a dit...

Wow! Beautiful illustration! I love it!!!

Hanna C. a dit...

oh this illustration is just amazing! i'm back blogging:)

Carrie a dit...

I can't get over how talented you are.
Your work is so lovely