dimanche 13 décembre 2009

Today, I met santa. A man came at my job. he stayed there for a while, looking everywhere and singing christmas carols. When he was ready to pay, I told him: " wow! that's a lot of chocolate! you have a lot of people to treat!" "he said, I love making people happy" I said: " that's nice of you" The he asked me if I like chocolate. And I said of course, the dark one are the best!" Then he add a little dark chocolate box. I thought (" gosh, it's going to be expensive...") everything that he bought cost a hundred bucks! Then i said, thanks, have a good day !" and he gave me this little dark chocolate box and said: "merry christmas!!"I didn't know what to say... I was like :" no way, I can accept this..." (The chocolate box cost 12.99$ for only four little chocolates) Then he said: " there something you don't know about me...I am santa claus!" then he left... I looked back... and he dissapeared!
Was he really Santa?

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