mardi 22 décembre 2009

Answer theses questions

*a special talent :I can draw? is it special...

*a secret nobody knows: If I tell you it won't be a secret anymore!!!

*a personality trait you find attractive: kindness, intelligence, sens of humor, politeness.

*a personality trait you find unattractive: judgemental type, impoliteness.

*a song that melts you : The fear you won't fall by Joshua Radin

*the biggest truth you have learned this year : That you need to Dare and If you want something you need to fight for it ...and that life is unfair, and being nice don't lead anywhere.

*an item you are currently coveting: A laptop to put all of my drawings in it and to plug my bamboo.

*what gives you peace : Drawing + music

*what perfume are you currently wearing: Givenchy - ange ou demon

*do you dream much? : yes and it makes few days I dream about my old school... it's weird.
Maybe I miss it... maybe I don't. I don't know.

*what word(s) do you tend to say too much : I'm tired

*in highschool, what kind or teen were you? : the quiet one I think... I don't really know.

*describe yourself in 5 words: Nice (of course! haha), understanding, some kind of daring (this time) , creative, generous, polite, solitary, bad mood "sometime". It's more than 5... oups!

*a weird quirk: The way I dress, can really affect my mood ~ for the better or for the worse.

*favorite thing to wear?: My Ralph Lauren polo, my Ralph Lauren Blazer, Kenza's skinny jeans :) and my Ralph Lauren Boots... ( okay okay, I admit... I love Ralph Lauren!:)

This is it... you can answer theses question too, if you want :) it'll be nice!

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Anonyme a dit...

hello ma chère Karima, la compétition je la connais, j'ai participé aux sélections canadiennes l'année passée et j'avais fini 2ème. Mon ami Romain a représenté la Canada, et c'est vrai que la finale mondiale cette année c'etait quelque chose de OUF, les réalisations sont phénoménales et la partie dégustation une vraie tuerie.
Je vous souhaite de Bonnes Fêtes de fin d'année, et plein de bonnes choses pour cette nouvelle année.
Amitiés et à bientôt

Mr O.T.