dimanche 30 août 2009

My Ralph Lauren crested club jacket

This is the story of my Ralph Lauren Jacket...

I was thinking about it "a long time ago"... and I finally ordered it on august 2rd 09!

In august 3 at 3:27 pm the shipment information was sent to Fedex.
At 4:58 pm it arrived at Fedex location in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Aug 4 at 12:41 am it arrived at Fedex location Charlotte North Carolina and was sent at 6:22 am.
Arrived at Willington, CT at 11:31 pm and was sent again on aug 5 at 10:03 pm to finally arrived at Hampden Maine on august 6 at 8:43 am!!!

But I had to wait till august 30 to get it in my own hand , cause this is my sister who lived in the usa that recieved the package and had to bring it to me in Québec city!!!!

So here's some pictures... :) Im totally happy!! My own RALPH LAUREN!!!

The package!!

The little card!

My Created club jacket.

My very own Ralph Lauren!

I look like i'm going to ride a horse! :)

Mon outfit d'équitation! haha :)

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