mercredi 6 avril 2011


Here's the drawing of one of the winners of the first Blogger's illustration contest!
Estée from Essi-Button. Visit her blog, she is awesome!

So I decided to try something new. I started the whole drawing by hand, using HB pencil, and watercolor. Then I add some modification, like colors and effects with photoshop. This is what it looks like. Hope you like.

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Essie a dit...

Karima, you've outdone yourself!
I ADORE the way you did my hair.
Excellent job!
NOT to mention you spelled my name correctly which ONLY french people seem to be able to do, haha.
love, love, love it!!
Thanks again!

Hannah a dit...

oh wow. it's wonderful...
i hate my mail-account. i already sent you a mail but it didn't work so i have to post the pictures on my blog. you can find it right below under my header "for karima"

want more fashion a dit...

karima you are absolutely great !
love this way of illustration!
it's so special !

Maja Vonava a dit...

Awesome!! I know that envy is wrong, but I envy her!!:) Karima rocks

Aquí a dit...

beautiful drawing! I love the colors you've used!!

Stephanie a dit...

hey! Merci pour ton passage sur mon blog et ton commentaire ;)
tes illustration sont vraiment top! j'adore ;)

Laura a dit...

This blog is really great!!

Jessica French a dit...

I have awarded you with the Creative Blogger Award because I love your blog :) Go check out my page for details. Have a nice day! xo

Le garçon avec les lunettes, a dit...

cute picture...


M.Weston a dit...

Magnifique dessin comme toujours, bravo, j'espère que tu vas continuer encore longtemps à nous éblouirs avec tes si belles illustrations !!!


Kenza a dit...

wow beautiful ! you are the very best!