mercredi 13 avril 2011


Thank you Jessica French ( http://jessicaamyxxo.blogspot.com/ ) for giving me this Award! I really really appreciate it! :)

(When you win the reward you have to tag the person in a post & say something, award some people you think deserve to win the award, and post 10 things about yourself!)

Here are the blogs I want to give the award back:

And now here's the 10 things about myself...

1- I work in a bakery
2- I love to read childrens books
3- I hate horror movies
4- I love to learn things. I need to fill my brain!
5- My favourite food is chicken.
6- I hate talking on the phone.
7- I have cold hands.
8- I have many Ralph Lauren pairs of shoes, but my favourite pairs of shoes are my Tom shoes. Best shoes ever!!
9- I hate talking in english.
10- My favourite drink at Starbucks is a Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade! mmmmm

4 commentaires:

Maja Vonava a dit...

uuuuuh:)) thank you sweetie so much:) I am so glad!!

Lola Finn a dit...

Congratulation dear! :)

krolyn.morin@gmail.com a dit...

Oh! thank you lovely Karima :)

Aquí a dit...

Thank you so very much for this lovely award! Ill post about it tomorrow! :)