mardi 7 juin 2011


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Anna Caethchen a dit...

hello. (:

I'd only like to say that your blog and your art are so beautiful.

I wish I could draw like you and mke such beautiful pictures and your header I wish I could make those things too, oh my goodness I love things like that. BEAUTIFUL!

xx Anna - Caetchen

Stephanie▲ a dit...

your right !


Julia a dit...

have you given a Award


xoxo Julia ♥

Kimmi a dit...

Cool, I'm looking forward to see it! :)
What kind of photo do you need? Do you write me, when you want one?

Best wishes! :)

Okka a dit...

hey, sweet ! first of all you are SO right!
i just read a few posts of your blog and it is really adorable, i love your blog and i would be so glad to tell something about your blog on mine - so if you join in i will. would you do the same for me? :)

kisses to you,

Okka a dit...

thank you so much for your tip! i just translated everything in english and i am so glad you gave me that idea - i hope that you can understand now, what my thoughts were when i posted these pictures :)