dimanche 5 février 2012


I'm insanely in love with Dexter / Michael C Hall!
I haven't watch Dexter season 6 yet and I just can't wait to start it! And Seriously, for those who have never watched this show it is a crime!! This is one of the best tv show EVER!

So here's a first attempt at a Dexter portrait! Starting with the final result, following by the step by step progress of the drawing.

Hope you like it!

5 commentaires:

want more fashion a dit...

i like it like always !! every work ist wonderful !

Lisa a dit...

Thank you so much for all the kind words on my blog! <3

It's very much appreciated! Your work is really fantastic! I love your Dexter portrait! You really captured his likeness! great work! :D
I love your style! keep up the amazing work!

All the best

Lisa Vertudaches


Peter Fong a dit...

I just went through your blog....your work is amazing! Inspired!

Lola Finn a dit...

This is a really perfect drawing!

Lysobel a dit...

This is really good ! Love your blog.
keep on doing this ^^