mardi 7 février 2012


My sister, who loves those Marc Jacobs mouse for about a year, told me today that she realized that the cute little mouse has NO MUSTACHES and actually looks like little PIG!!!
OMG this is a fact! I don't look at them the same way now...
( Les ballerines-souris parées de clous déco. Cuit nappa rosé. 262$ )
Marc by Marc Jacobs Blush stud flats. 262 $

4 commentaires:

Theonlyfashionprincess a dit...

They are amazing in reallife, and the drawing of them is magnificent! XO

ATW a dit...

you are so talented... i love this. especially beacause i have the same one in black ;)
xxx love


eff a dit...

i have a little question.
can you tell me, which paint and pencils do you use?
thanks for answer, xoxo.

Lunae a dit...

You are extremely talented !! I love this