vendredi 22 octobre 2010


Hey! I just made those three drawings, and I really need you to help me choose which one I should send for the Sea of Shoes art contest! I don't really like the Valentino's drawing, I'm more hesitating between Chanel and Pucci.... Whatever! Just leave a comment of which one is your favourite and I'll follow your advice! :)




16 commentaires:

matthieu a dit...

perso, jaime bien le "Emilio pucci"

Dornröschen a dit...

Pucci! Really love it ♥

juillet a dit...

the valentino is nice, but go with the pucci!

R. Gratz a dit...

I would hands down go with the Emilio Pucci one! Totally awesome!!! Great job on all of them though! Talented! :)

Karima Illustration a dit...

Whoa! You're only voting Pucci!!
(I Think he's my favourite one too... ;)
But,I'll wait for new comments to let the chance to Chanel & Valentino too!!!!
I'll decide it monday :)
Thanks for voting!

ЯANdOM ЯAWR a dit...

I disagree with the above personnes, Chanel is mon prefere (probably because it's more 'my style').

Special-K a dit...

I love Chanel one like crazy but I must say the Pucci is awesome.anyway ill have the Chanel framed on my wall so hihi love u miss u tish . See u tomorrow xxxxxx

zizou_ne a dit...

Emilio Pucci! J'aime bien les ombres que tu as fait et la palette de couleur est belle!

Bonne chance a ton concours, tu es la meilleur. Tu debordes de talent....ca te sors par les oreilles!

N'oublie pas de porter ta moustache comme porte-bonheur!



Anonyme a dit...

Bonjour Mlle Karima,
Pour ma part, mon choix va pour Pucci.
Bonne chance et à bientôt

Mr O.T.

Karima Illustration a dit...

Dans ce cas; Pucci sera!
Pucci will be the one!

Karima Illustration a dit...

Thanks for you comments!!! :)

Kate a dit...

Pucci, Pucci, Pucci!!! I have a special spot for the Chanel but I love the soft hues you have used for the Pucci :) xxx

Dornröschen a dit...

Thank you :D.

Anonyme a dit...

They are all fantastic, but I am voting for Pucci! Good luck!

Nat x

popdisorder a dit...

as for me, Pucci is definitely the best one!

heylila a dit...

Wow I just discovered them, they are all reallynice, but good that you went with Pucci. Check out mine if you want to: http://heylilahey.blogspot.com/2010/10/my-painting-art-contest-sea-of-shoes.html

bisous & good luck! I really like it!