jeudi 7 octobre 2010

"Sea Of Shoes" Fashion Art Contest: First test

Hey, I finally finished one drawing...I mean it's not done, but almost!
This is where I sit almost everyday. *Correction: EVERYDAY. This is my world. Pencils, watercolor, paper, ink... This is what I should be meant to do for my living. Drawing is the best feeling in the whole world! Maybe someday, my luck will turn...
( I feel like it supposed to be soon... :) ***sigh***

On it's way...

This is it... Emilio Pucci "Resort, spring/summer 2011". I don't even know if I can draw resort, for the contest... But at least it was fun to do.

2 commentaires:

juillet a dit...

Good job!! And keep trying!! :) Good opportunities will come!

Special-K a dit...

wow you are the best!
hanne gaby looks stunning!
cant wat for you to post Freja !!