jeudi 28 octobre 2010

What's Happening on My Wednesday...


Finishing drawings...and wearing my Lucky Moustache:)

I followed you advices and I send Pucci for the contest!
  Style Scrapbook Illustration & working on a Tanya Dziahileva Illustration

And then, taking a break in my mess :) What a good day!

10 commentaires:

robyn a dit...

I love your drawings!!! They are seriously AMAZING!!! Good luck to the both of us ;).

Special-K a dit...

you didn't mention the amazing photographer that took thoses pictures!

you look lovely and i would give you a million dollars for every smile you make because to me, you make a difference in my life and every single day.

i love you more than all.

Alina A. a dit...

wow, your drawings look amazing!great work.xx


Precilla a dit...

Thanks for your comment Karima! I love your work, I go to school for fashion design, so I enjoyed your artwork very much!!



johanna a dit...

omg your drawings are AWESOME!
really really cool.

Maja a dit...

greta! :O))

joninel a dit...

REALLY love your header :D really nice sketch :)

johanna a dit...

thanks for your comment!
of course I'm a member of your blog now ;)

it would be awesome if you did an illustration of me...what an honor!


Hanna C. a dit...

i love your drawings! :)
i wish that i was talented as you.


Liquor store a dit...

Very Nice header, I love ur drawings, u r seriousely gifted