mercredi 5 janvier 2011

Le Rouge Coco

"ROUGE COCO permet à toutes les femmes de découvrir, ou de retrouver, le plaisir du rouge à lèvres."

One of the drawings from My Sketchbook Project 2011, that I'm supposed to mailed this friday. I'm not done at all with this sketchbook and it driving me CRAZY!!!

5 commentaires:

Twinsblog a dit...

love it :) I'm looking forward to some more :)

MissAnnnn a dit...

I love your sketches so much :)

Your Sketchbook will be really good!


juillet a dit...

ooh! draw me! then you'll have one more drawing to add to your sketchbook! and sketchbooks don't have to be detailed, they can just be pencil sketches, so you should sketch whatever small thing you have at hand! like your ipod or a comb :D

Mimi a dit...

Mon dessin il avance ma Korie? :o)

Fanny a dit...

très jolie x