lundi 24 janvier 2011


Hey everybody! Here's my entire sketchbook in a 7 minutes video!

***** For people in Germany who wasn't able to watch this video, I posted it again on youtube with music allowed from youtube so there's no more problem with the copyright and you can now watch it too! :)
Just click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ5ZZQXzFXc 
ps: sorry for the boring song!!!!

My sketchbook is going to tour the U.S.A , so you can check the tour dates here  and if it is in your State, go look for my sketchbook!!!!! :)

 I hope you enjoyed it ♥

10 commentaires:

Twinsblog a dit...

cannot watch ist because of the content of UMG :/

Kimmi a dit...

Its not avaible in my country.(?) ._.


Twinsblog a dit...

do you have got any backgroundmusic?

juillet a dit...

That was awesome!! You have a beautiful sketchbook and beautiful illustrations!!

airam a dit...

I like your blog :)
hahahaha I follow you !
Do you follow me ? ;)

Fanny a dit...

this is so fun, lovely book x

.::P-G-de-R::. a dit...

7 minutes and 19 seconds of glory, :)
I like them all specially the brown shoes, both, I don't know why but I love how you drew them, they seem real, comfortable and elegant, :)
ps: yes I draw directly on the photo, :)

Julia a dit...


barbaros. a dit...

Thanks for this Video in German <3
Bon Video :)

Swedish Fashionista a dit...

I really love the illustration of the brown shoes, it's really nice!

// Swedish Fashionista