mardi 25 janvier 2011


I got the Stylish Blogger Award by the lovely Naomi! So thanks you soooo much dear Naomi!!!!
I'm now giving the Award back to some lovely blogger : The Anchor, Kenza, Orla, and Fanny!

Now what you have to do is to post on your blog 10 random facts about yourself, so it will get me the opportunity to know you better!

Random facts about me

1- I love to learn list of things, like : the list of all the United States Présidents, all the countries in the world and their capitals...

2- I HATE going to clubs! This is totally not my style and I don't like the music they play in those bars.

3- I can not go a day without listening to my music!! Everywhere I go, I have my Ipod!!! :)

4- I don't believe in love.

5- I'm very picky when it comes to food. I eat almost everything plain.

6- I love lemon.

7- Soccer is my favorite sport.

8- I have serious problem with my bangs... i'm always asking my sister to cut it a little more, let it grow a little bit... then cut just here... :)

9- When I don't feel good, I listen to Ravel's Bolero.

10- Song I'm listening on repeat these times : Brooklyn  and Dance so good by wakey, wakey / the world spin madly on by the weepies / Helps yourself by Sad Brad Smith / Piano man by Billie Joel / Mr.Jones and Mrs potter's lulluby by Counting Crows. ♥

11 commentaires:

Fanny a dit...

dear Karima, thank you so much for this award, i am very honored, you make my day!! lot of kisses xxxxxx

mimi a dit...

Euhhh... numero 4.... You should believe! je t'aime!!!

Shevah a dit...

Congratulations! :)


"this fashion lark." a dit...

These are cool! x

"this fashion lark." a dit...

Aw, thanks so much! Yes, let's definitely follow one another x

Kimmi a dit...

Thanks for the video, I watched and I like! =)


Kimmi a dit...

One more question! Do you draw on your own with no masters or copy it from something, for exapmle a photo?

Oh, I think you can't understand this english. =D Sorry!

Naomi a dit...

Yeaah! There it is :) So nice! You've changed the font of your text, I like it! xxxxxx

Orla a dit...

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!
Need to start thinking about my 10 things now :)

Sick by Trend a dit...

hey!! THANK U!!!!!! congrats for the award!! im in love with your sketchbook in video! im a new follower!!

Follow me :D



Leblogdel a dit...

Hello! Tnx for yor comment. I love your blog to! Nice youtube video about your book. I also like the slogan: "Naked people have litle or no influendce on society" I have that written inj my blog too! Are you going to sell your book? If so I want to buy! Very inspiering and I also want to have a illustration book of my own someday. Have a nice day :)