mercredi 9 février 2011


This is what I did, instead of wasting my time online! :D

My friend came visit me in Québec city and we went to Starbucks!!!!

We took a Hot Chocolate with salted caramel! mmmmmmmmm

Then we went to Urban Outfiters trying on funny hats...

And funny glasses :)

I have to admit. It was so much fun that being online! And in the meantime, a worked on some new drawings I'll post soon! Isn't great!?
What did you do instead of being on the internet?

6 commentaires:

matthieu a dit...

comme d'habitude, tu es toujours très jolie ;)
j'aime bien la photo avec le chapeau!

Sena a dit...

i can see the fun you had ! =D

ATW a dit...

thanks for your comment :) i really like your blog & i'm following. i'd be happy to see you as one of my followers as well.
plus according to your question: i wasted my time in university today... so much less interesting as your day was :)

In Palace a dit...

nicee glasses!! cute pics ^^


Naomi a dit...

Haaahaa nooooo it's my friend Sarina's birthday! I'm going to write it there immediately hihi. But thaaanks! Nice pictures in this post :D XXX

.::P-G-de-R::. a dit...

the glasses suit you, but the hat. no way! hahaha