mercredi 23 février 2011


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Thank you so much to the lovely Nena who gave me this Award!!! I really appreciate it!!!

List 7 things about you:

1- I'm a coffee addict.
2- I want to be an illustrator.
3- I studied accounting and finance for 3 years, cause I wanted to be an accountant. ( how funny is that!)
4- I loveeeeeeeee Maths!!!!!
5- I'm learning all the countries in the world and their capitals. I think it's fun!
6- I watched the movie " Walk the Line " more than 300 times. I'm not kidding... I love Joaquin Phoenix...
7- I always make up little stories or scenarios in my head and frankly, it’s really exciting! haha!!! (Nobody should ever visit my head...)

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6 commentaires:


Haha! I am probably the worst person in mathematics, you should tutor me! :d
I'm gonna reblog this this evening :)
Lots of love!

Jana and Vanessa a dit...

Thats so super sweet of you honey! Thank you very very much! =) We actually still looking for a new blog header :)
All the best <3

want more fashion a dit...

thank you sweetheart that's so nice..
and it is very nice to get more information about you =)
one fact is that i HATE maths =D
it's horro !!
and i want to learn all the countries and ther capitals too..
i thought it would be fun..

Lola Finn a dit...

Congratulations dear :)
I also love the movie "Walk the line"! I love the music, the outfits, .... I just love it!

Kimmi a dit...

Ouuuh, thank you so much! : )
It's really nice!
And I still like your drawings so!

Best regards!

Elekon a dit...

such a lovely post, and you`ll definitely be an illustrator! I love all your drawings!