samedi 18 décembre 2010

I do not have time to do anything!!!

I'm so tired. I do not have time to do anything!! My few last days looks like that: I wake up, I eat toast, drink coffee...a lot of coffee. Then, I go to work. Get angry about people I work with cause everything goes wrong. And I drink Coffee. Don't have time for lunch or for dinner, cause we have to much stuff to do! So more coffee, and sometimes I have time for a craker!! Then the headhache comes... I finish work, go to home. It's 9h00 pm. I eat a bowl of Corn Flakes, mixed with cheerios and honeycomb :) I check my emails... Want to start a drawing, but I 'm getting tired and I dont have any inspiration.... so I watch One Tree Hill  ( tv show ) with sister and mom! To finally  realize it's getting late!! So I go to sleep... It's 12h00 Am . I don't fall asleep untill 1h00 Am!!!!! And it's starting again, for another day!

So Tonight I needed to draw!!!! So here's a "quick" Illustration. It's from the last drawing I made in my sketchbook. I made it in digital + with colors! :) Oh and here's a song I can't stop listening at! It's from " One Tree Hill " by the way! Enjoy!!!


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Special-K a dit...

you are like wow ! sooo cute! you are my sister and i love you, i just can't get over how much i love you.

The drawing of sasha is great !!
I know work is hard, mine too... but when you'll win the lotery everything's gonna be fine!

I love you and you can count on me for cheering you up with my great talent of imitator!

Ps: the miu miu are 590$ hahah .... and you are sooooo funny with your comment on my blog hahah

Avec amour,

Hanna C. a dit...

i know what you mean. you het tiered and then sometimes you wonder why does my life schedule repeats agian again and again. yeah.... but i LOVE your drawing! always love your pictures:)


pepa a dit...

Thanks for your sweet comment! :x
nice blog :)
follow me ;>??

heylila a dit...

The drawing is so good! How did you do it?



Orla a dit...

I love looking at your artwork Karima it's beautiful!


Naomi a dit...

Hahahaa, nooo my French isn't that good but I do understand most of it.

I like your drawings, do you make them with pencil and paper at first and then on the computer or only computer?

Hope you had a lovely fin de semaine <3 xxx

Special-K a dit...

baby, i don't want you to do anything crazy !! I don't want you to buy me the YSL ring. I want it of course, but don't spend that amount of money !! it's not good baby !! I didn't post it on my blog for you to buy it for me. It was for one of my fan hahaha there's a girl i saw on a blog who has the ring in 2 different color and a miu miu bag. She could afford it for me haha I'm kidding but baby, i love you! don't be foolish!

Meera a dit...

Omigosh-you are incredible! I love it.
Hopefully you got my request for a picture! Once done, I would love to feature it on my blog if you are game.

Meera <3
P.S. Followed you with Bloglovin'!

MissAnnnn a dit...

Hey! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!


Danielle Shepherd a dit...

LOVE IT! I'm a huge fan of Sasha P and this illustration of her is fantastic :)

Kristina a dit...

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work...so beautiful and amazing...I'm a freelance clothing designer, but the process is really organic for me and I can't draw very well, so I don't sketch my designs much...new follower here, obviously...
Kristina J.

Kristina a dit...

Do you ever do sketches for bloggers?
Kristina J.

elise a dit...

lovely drawing! x

Jana and Vanessa a dit...

Your welcome! Do you actually do some paintings on request?