mardi 7 décembre 2010

Kenza & Abbey Lee Kershaw

Hey! Here's My Lovely sister, Kenza and model Abbey Lee Kershaw when we met her in may 2010 in New York City. We were kind of lost, looking for the Ralph Lauren Rugby store. We stopped in front  a Starbucks Coffee to get wi-fi connection and find directions on the ipod touch ;) When Kenza saw her, she said to me: " Oh my god! It's Abbey Lee Kershaw!!! I was like : "What??... stop staring at her and go ask her for a picture!!!" ;)

 Yep! We met Abbey Lee Kershaw ♥

7 commentaires:

Rue Lamarr a dit...

That is really great illustration. Great talent!
And very brave going to ask for a pic. I am always chicken.


matthieu a dit...

Ayant vu la photo originale, je ne peux dire que BRaVo!

C'est très réussi. Tes dessins sont toujours plus magnifiques!

Special-K a dit...

omg !! wowowowow thank you my sister!
this is soooooo good! it really looks like the real picture!! OMG! i just cant believe it!

Juliette a dit...

its look like good!!..nice!


Rosa&Carlotta a dit...

Lovely illustration, you did a great job :)
check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

Ariana P. a dit...

Love when siblings are this useful ;)
Abbey Lee such an awesome, effortless style ..
Thank you for your lovely on my blog!
Hope you enjoy the latest one!,
have an awesome weekend!

Nena a dit...

oh my good, i love you're pictures, they're amazing!
why you are so good in it?
(sorry, my english isn't realy well ;))

liebe grüße Nena