samedi 4 décembre 2010

Ok Go!

Sorry for the lack of posting, I've been crazy busy these days! But I'll probably post something tonight after work!!  In the meantime, here's a  song I just discovered! :) Enjoy!

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toni - ssssht.com a dit...

I just became a HUGE fan of your blog & illustration!

Ariana P. a dit...

Hi! I just came accross your blog, great illustrations by the way!
I am a photography student in NY,
would love for you to check out my new photography/fashion blog:

i think you would truly appreciate it as a fellow artist!
keep on the good work!

Priscella Manon a dit...

Hi! Your sister asked me to visit your blog. It's really nice! I especially like your illustration for the header, very funny!
I'll start following!

Priscella Manon

matthieu a dit...

j'ai reçu ta carte de Noël :)Merci

Je l'ai mis sous mon arbre de Noël... Bah, en fait, ça serait un mensonge de dire "sous mon arbre", il est trop petit! Je l'ai mis à côté de mon arbre de Noel :P