vendredi 10 décembre 2010

In the Holidays colors

Hey! Look what my coworker and I made yesterday at work!  300 verrines! It's a white chocolate mousse with raspberry and pistachio macaron on the top! Doesn't it look delicious?! :)

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juillet a dit...

mmmmmmmmm that looks tasty!!!

Special-K a dit...

bring it home baby !!! i want oneeeeeeeeeeee

Lola Finn a dit...

I love your work! Your art is so cool :)

Love LOla

Danielle Shepherd a dit...

Uh...could those look any more yummy? Love your illustrations! :)

Annika a dit...

do you draw pictures of everybody who wants? I would really like to have a picture of me.
Contact me if you do so:

Kate a dit...


Anonyme a dit...

yummiii ! :)

i follow you now !

fashionablepris a dit...

Wow! That look samazing!!! I want it! thanks for your comment!!
are you following?



[Anna] a dit...

Your illustrations are amazing ^-^
And these look so yummy!
Thank you for following love :)


pepa a dit...

yummmi :X